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Fashion is better when shared, so get to it! Please remove one or more items from your bundle to continue checking out. The brand you finally choose, is entirely up to you. After all, when buying glasses everything depends on your own preferences! However, there are other factors, apart from the face shape, which are decisive regarding what sunglasses suit you.

To keep you happy with the selected model in the long term, you should choose a model that matches your style of clothing and suits your appearance. If you are an extrovert who likes to be noticed, then lenses and frames in bright colours are the perfect choice. If you value restraint, discreet glasses are usually better suited. And of course, sunglasses offer you the opportunity to contribute exciting contrasts to your appearance.

But even so, eyewear should basically suit your personality and not look artificial — to ensure that you feel good. Have you discovered your favourite model, such as sunglasses made of metal or plastic or titanium? Then you can directly order the sunglasses online at an affordable price. In addition, the model can be easily send back for free , if you should change your mind. If you have any questions, just contact our customer support via the local telephone number or contact our staff directly in one of our two Hamburg stores.

As every person has individual face features and shapes with different characteristics, you should always try on several models before making a final decision. In addition, the appropriate filter settings, such as brand , size , customized sunglasses , colour or rimless sunglasses , sunglasses with half rim or sunglasses with full rim can simplify finding the right glasses. If you cannot choose between different lenses, just choose sunglasses with interchangeable lenses or sunglasses with clips.

So, you stay flexible, with no loss in terms of sunglasses quality or sunglasses design. For any questions you may have while buying eyewear, you can contact us at any time. We are always available with our concentrated expertise, both in the digital and analogue world. If you have an acute "sunglasses emergency" and need the right accessory for the beach party at the weekend, you can order via express delivery and get your sunglasses on the next working day.

In addition to the standard payment methods , we also offer buying sunglasses on account. This makes purchasing a real visual treat. If you want to buy sunglasses online at an affordable price , we are the right people to contact.

We are not the exclusive Sunglasses Online Store or Sunglasses Outlet Store , but with our wide range of eyewear, we also have all known brands from Esprit Sunglasses and Boss Orange Sunglasses , Boss Sunglasses and Diesel Sunglasses and Nike sunglasses to trendy and hip labels like the Maui Jim sunglasses , the Havaianas Sunglasses or the Dsquared Sunglasses , all that and much much more at the suggested retail price.

Apart from our already low prices you can get sunglasses in the sunglasses sale section of our online shop , discount sunglasses and discount on other models and brands that run across the entire product range. You can reach our support team via email or via our local landline number and we are always available to answer any of your questions. We will also gladly help you with the ordering process, with the handling of returns or with other questions that you would like to ask. Sunglasses reduced are also included, which goes without saying.

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Sunglasses as an All-Purpose Weapon? History of Sunglasses Not only since yesterday has it been known that bright sunlight can be unpleasant or even harmful to the eyes. What types of sunglasses are available? Which sunglasses suit me? To make a decision, it makes sense to look at your own face shape to have an approximate idea of which frames suit your face: Our service As every person has individual face features and shapes with different characteristics, you should always try on several models before making a final decision.

About us If you want to buy sunglasses online at an affordable price , we are the right people to contact. Don't hesitate to call us at.

Exclusive Sunglasses for all tastes For anyone looking for fashionable accessories with a hint of extravagance this autumn , Sunglasses from the Edel-Optics online shop are the perfect solution. Here, fashionistas from all walks of life will find premium quality Sunglasses: Whether looking for a vintage feel, a futuristic design or a hint of minimalism: Whether for general leisure or outdoor sports: The latest collections cover every conceivable trend Whether classic and timeless or with a retro-look and a hint of vintage style.

The range of styles is almost endless and offers everything you could desire. All of our Sunglasses are made by premium brands with a global reputation and great experience As a result, the models not only impress with their great style, but also with the best quality materials and workmanship. It is not only for sports glasses that functionality is a key concern.

The best plastic and metal frames ensure an extremely comfortable fit. The lenses are scratch and break resistant and meet the strictest health and safety standards. In short, with these Sunglasses, you will see the world through different eyes. For maximum usability, many models are also available in your prescription. The Sunglasses can be purchased in our online shop at low prices. After all, we only get one set for our whole lives, so we should take care of them the best that we can. Naturally, the eyes weaken as we get older which is something we cannot do anything about, but if we look after them, they have the potential to maintain good clarity for a long time.

Before the age of 40, the natural lense in our eyes is extremely flexible which helps them to focus on objects that are far away or very close. However, as we get older, this lense becomes weaker and loses some of its flexibility, causing our eyes to not be able to focus on close up objects as well as they once could. This is why we sometimes see our parents or grandparents hold up a book further away from their eyes so that they can read it properly! If you follow our 5 top tips below, you will be on your way to maintaining your eyesight and keeping them healthy!

Smoking is probably the worst possible way to damage your eyes as well as every other organ in your body. Smoking drastically increases the risk of optic nerve damage. The optic nerve is the nerve that connects and transmits vital information between the eye and the brain. Optic nerve damage can lead to vision loss, distortion and even blindness. Giving up smoking will not only improve your eye health, it will improve overall health in your body and also prevent the risk of developing other diseases such as lung cancer.

A healthy diet is key to maintaining your overall eye health and there some foods that are especially good for keeping your eyes in good condition. Taking vitamins C and E, and eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, zinc or lutein, such as salmon and tuna, can stop you from getting eye diseases such as Cataracts and Glaucoma which can occur if eyes are put under strain. It is important to include plenty of citrus fruits like oranges in your diet, as well as green leafy vegetables such as spinach which contain high levels of iron, and can prevent Age Related Macular Degeneration from developing in the eye.

Eating healthily also means that you will maintain a good fat and muscle level in the body, which is an important barrier for Diabetes. Scientists have discovered that a disease like Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in our eyes which can lead to blindness. Almost a third of the adult population in the UK work in an office environment, which means that they often stare at a computer screen for up to 8 hours a day.

It is important that you give your eyes regular breaks from the screen by turning your eyes away, or closing them for 2 minutes without falling asleep every now and again. Working on a computer for a long time can result in eyestrain if they are focused on one spot and the brightness of most computer screens doesn't help either. After a few hours of looking at a screen, you will find that it becomes extremely hard for your eyes to focus on something in the distance.

Headaches and dry eyes are also common problems. Make sure you take a ten minute break every couple of hours so your eyes have the chance to rest! Doctors recommend that children have their first eye test at the age of three. When babies are born, their eyes are very sensitive to light and cannot focus on objects or see colours very clearly.

Vision begins to develop during the first few months of their lives when they start to focus on objects and by 4 months, they are able to see across a room with colour. Some people take their children to have an eye test at 6 months, but sometimes this is too young for doctors to spot any eye problems. At the age of three, children should have a complete eye exam as problems such as lazy eye, or being long or short sighted can be spotted at that age. If any eye problems are discovered, the doctor will provide the necessary equipment to help the eye sight improve such as glasses, reading glasses or eye patches.

This eye examination will usually include tests for visual sharpness and overall eye health. It is as important for adults to go for regular eye checks. During the examination, the doctor will check for diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular degeneration as well as other problems. If any problems are diagnosed, ensure that the correct procedures are carried out so that the disease doesn't get any worse and glasses can be prescribed.

At the age of 40, it is common that the eyes will change and this is called Presbyopia. This is when it becomes difficult to read things or see objects up close and this is normal.

The easiest solution for this is to get your hands on a pair of reading glasses, bifocals or specially adapted contact lenses. This is not only a very important tip to remember, it is also our favourite tip!

The sun is the most common problem when it comes to damaged eyes and it can lead to big problems such as vision loss.

You are protected every time you make a purchase on Poshmark.

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