Discover the range of men's waistcoats from ASOS. Shop from a variety of smart waistcoats, casual waistcoats and designer men’s vests.

Unisex Fancy Dress You are shopping on behalf of a Guest Customer. But luckily, this is where the waistcoat comes in.

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Here are the facts: a waistcoat is a garment that covers a man’s upper body and is sleeveless, while a vest is also a garment that covers a man’s upper body and is sleeveless. So, there really is no difference between a vest and a waistcoat. Whether one term is used or not is also geographical.
Those days when we thought all we needed to look fancy was a shiny black polyester waistcoat, white shirt and a stupidly skinny tie. Of course, the waistcoat came complete with awful floral purple.
A waistcoat (/ ˈ w ɛ s k ə t / or / ˈ w eɪ s t k oʊ t /; colloquially called a weskit, derived from the French veste) is a sleeveless upper-body is usually worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a coat as a part of most men's formal is also sported as the third piece in the traditional three-piece male lounge suit.
Discover the range of men's waistcoats from ASOS. Shop from a variety of smart waistcoats, casual waistcoats and designer men’s vests.
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Boys' navy long sleeve shirt, grey striped linen blend waistcoat and tie set.

Would lie well with a grey or black suit. The buttons are well aligned unlike what some other review said. It also came with a cool black bow tie to complete the look. See All Buying Options. I was specifically looking for a vest that had the same material on the back unlike some vests that had the slick material on the back. Surprisingly heavy for its size. I mainly wanted a vest that was slim-fitting to wear during cold weather that was fashionable.

This one fits the bill. My only complaint is the pattern of the vest doesn't match a lot of my shirts but that's just my own wardrobe.

I would have given it 5 stars if it were made a bit longer as it appears on the stock photo. It is very nice looking. The material on the thin side but we live in a hot climate so that is fine. Does run large in my opinion.

Would definitely size down. We ordered an xsmall for my 5'6" lb son We are able to adjust the back to fit slimmer, without looking strange, so we are keeping it.

I'm 5'5" and lb with chest mom and it still fits me without adjusting the back. Nice quality, the back is the satin like material, but has a nice texture and double layer.

Nice tailored look for the price. Will look nice with white shirt and jeans for informal, but classy look. I went by the size chart from the manufacture and not the Amazon one. Ordered the XL and got a decent fit. If you're expecting it to fit as if taylored, you need to spend the money and go to a taylor. Take your measurements with a soft measuring tape and go by the size chart when ordering and this should fit as well as anything off the rack is going to. That said, I haven't had this vest long and haven't had a chance to wear it much but I like it very much.

The material and craftsmanship both seem good and I love that the pockets are real. Last nice vest I had, the pockets were fake. Finally have a place to put my watch. The material and construction of the vest is nice. I've ordered chinese size clothing before and usually I would always need to order a size up for my husband and in womens 2 sizes up to get the American size.

I'm not sure was the 3XL is about, but it is a nice vest. Just beware of the sizing. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. This vest is classy as hell! I really like how it fits, and it was way cheaper than the one I almost bought at Express I was never going to pay bucks for a dress vest, so I'm glad I found this. I'm about six feet tall and weigh about pounds. I'm a relatively lanky dude, with a 32 inch waist, and the US Small fit me perfectly!

Woolen waistcoats add a touch of sophistication to any casual attire. Match this with shirt and tie for formal and jeans for a balanced look. Finish with oxford shoes and scarf accessory.

This look is perfect for students. Fitted waistcoat over rolled up buttoned shirt. Two tone jeans and shoes match perfectly and belt and satchel make for great accessories. Perfect for city styles, swag looks or even just a simple winter attire. These kinds of waistcoats with hood just came out in the trend and they look extra special to everyone who wears them. You can find them in the market nowadays in many different colors and different variety.

Different shades in jeans, shirt and waistcoat compliment each other beautifully. Finish with a large bag and contrasting footwear. Casual style too, this look uses layers denim shirt, plaid waistcoat and denim jacket with matching patches.

Brown beanie hat and beige trousers to match. Great use of contrasting browns and blues. Almost emo style with pinstripe waistcoat, jeans, slate gray shirt and a cute, contrasting bow tie to finish. Messy hair look is acceptable. Wearing contrasting bow tie works perfectly with this outfit look. Bright colors in this will look amazing. This outfit idea is perfect for guys who love to wear emo dressing and want to wear them even to formal settings like meetings or to their work place.

Quite a posh look really. Patchwork waistcoat over a striped shirt. Matching knitted jumper and brown trousers. The preps can use waistcoats too if done right. White, beige and navy blue are ideal colors for this combination. Finish this look with a simple trilby and nice boat shoes.

Personally, I love this look. Victorian theme with braces and bow tie. Waistcoat is fitted and colors match beautifully. Skinny jeans with patterned shirt, black waistcoat and black satin jacket. Complete this look with ruby oxford shoes and contrasting sunglasses. Ascot is a huge event which sees the mass influx of very formal attire.

The waistcoat is seen throughout this event. The gold waistcoat stands out in this outfit making it look amazing. Ideal suit for a wedding. Matching waistcoat and trousers with black suit jacket and crisp white shirt. I would lose the festival bands though as this is a formal look. This outfit idea is perfect for meetings or any kind of formal gatherings. You can wear grey colored pant and waistcoat and then add any dark colored formal coat on top.

For tie and handkerchief you can wear them in dark blue color. Wedding style using blue shades. Contrasting brown oxford shoes make this outfit look stunning. You can wear dark blue colored waist coat with matching colored formal pants.

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Underneath the waistcoat, I’d go for an oxford shirt or, for a retro finish, a grandad collar. The main thing to note here is, if the shirt is plain, the waistcoat can have some print but if it’s a printed shirt, keep the waistcoat . The most obvious pairing for a waistcoat is a classic collared shirt, which is certainly a good choice for the office. If you want to keep your look more casual, then a grandad or mandarin collar will give your waistcoat a contemporary twist. Aran Sweater Market - The Famous Original Since Buy direct from the home of the Aran sweater; qualityauthentic Aran sweaters & Irish knitwear at the best prices.