Bronze-Puder Test Kriterien. Wir haben das Bronze-Puder nach folgenden Kriterien bewertet: Wichtig waren uns vor allem die Eigenschaften des Produkt. Diese müssen überzeugend sein und einen guten Eindruck vermitteln. Ebenfalls wichtig sind uns die Kundenmeinungen auf Amazon.

Looks natural over benetint as a blush. There is no shimmer to it so it looks natural.

Bronze or other metallic powder is added to polyester resin, polyurethane resin (such as KastEZ or AquaClear resin - see below), epoxy, gypsum cement or other binders. Small objects are cast and cured in suitable lindsayclewisirah.gqs: 7.
Bronze-Puder Test Kriterien. Wir haben das Bronze-Puder nach folgenden Kriterien bewertet: Wichtig waren uns vor allem die Eigenschaften des Produkt. Diese müssen überzeugend sein und einen guten Eindruck vermitteln. Ebenfalls wichtig sind uns die Kundenmeinungen auf Amazon.
Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Mir 80 Bronze puder za lice Raspoloživost: IMA NA STANJU Max Factor predstavlja Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Tečni puder: tečni puder koji je bolji za vašu kožu nego da ste nenašminkani.
Temp is deg. C or deg F for 10 mins this powder is a polyester and can be used for exterior applications.
Temp is deg. C or deg F for 10 mins this powder is a polyester and can be used for exterior applications.
Bronze Powder Metal

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Pure bronze powder. Slice of the Moon:Bronze Mica Powder 1oz, Cosmetic Mica, Soap Making, Candle Making,Resin Dye, Lip Balm, Eye Liner Mica. by Slice of the Moon. $ $ 9 FREE Shipping on eligible orders. out of 5 stars

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BodyShopFan Read my reviews. Additional information about BodyShopFan could not be loaded. Nice bronzer for medium skin tones. I was leery of buying this because I hadn't seen any reviews from women with my skin tone.

I was skeptical of this range because I didn't think I'd notice any results. I cannot say for certain if this is a good product for women of color with darker skin tones. I was going to order this in 04, but it seemed like it would be too orange for my skin tone because of my yellow undertones. Instead, I ordered it in 03 and it's the perfect shade.

When I applied it in artificial light, it was difficult to see what change, if any, that it made to my skin. When I got a better look in sunlight, it gave my skin a nice glow without looking orange or artificial. The formula of this bronzer applies well and the texture is smooth and does not empathize my dry skin.

This is also a nice bronzer to wear for the entire year. Helpful 7 Unhelpful 0 https: LLG Read my reviews. Additional information about LLG could not be loaded. Please do not discontinue this product! Please Body Shop do not discontinue this product ever!

This bronzer is perfect for pale people such as myself! I feel so much more comfortable and confident when in public now. You really do not need to put a ton on. It has a nice glow and does not completely change the color of the foundation you put on. It's also matte and doesn't leave my face all sparkly. If you are more fair skinned or your face could just use a little more tan, this product is perfect!

It is a warm color, but does need to be built up to this in order to have the full color effect, which is great because it is so easy to over do your bronzer if it instantly has a strong color. Hi everybody, i got a sample of hoola, along with other samples and something really funny happened to me with hoola Worked beautifully when I was pale and still worked after I got a tan on holiday!

I used to think I could never use bronzers because i was too pale however after reading reviews about this I thought I would try just one more and I'm so glad I did. I can create such a subtle look with this and all my friends keep telling me how great it look. And I finally look a little less pale!!!!

My mother is a makeup artist and i go to cosmetology school aspiring to become one as well and this is the only bronzer i use on a daily basis. Its completely matte and not extremely intense so it looks like a natural tan and it's easy to build up coverage for a more dramatic tan. One compact lasts me for about months only because i use it on other people as well when i do their makeup for events. I also use it in my everyday routine. I highly recommend this. This product is basically my whole life now I can not live with out this bronzer.

I use it daily it applies so nicely and I love how matte it is and how you can build it up and you still look perfect no matter how much you apply. I love this product to bits and I don't think i will ever replace it!

I am so beyond happy that i have finally found a product that I am satisfied with. I had heard rave reviews about Hoola. I love bronzers but don't always want the shine that comes with them. I've been using Hoola every day this week, as a cheek brozer but also as a highlighter. And the brush included is so soft and great for contouring AND cheeks!

I love Hoola bronzing power. It is the most functional makeup power I have found. I love Hoola so much! Im so pale and cannot tan, i just burn. And i was really sceptical to try it cause i didn't want to look too orange and didn't want to look dirty but i tried it anyway and i love it so much it is the best colour it has NO shimmer and it is matte. Love it so much and recommend it to everyone. I was given this bronzer for Christmas, and I have used it probably about times a week.

It is a perfect sun kissed colour and every time I've applied it I have had no streaks at all! I always get compliments off my family and friends saying how natural it looks. The packaging is adorable as well. The only con for ME is that I cant afford to keep buying more. I highly recommend this product.

I got a sample size of this product, and I can't believe that I've been a self-proclaimed Benefit-aholic this long without discovering the magic inside of this little box!

For finishing off a sun kissed look, this is my new go-to necessity. I had been using One Hot Minute, but I was never a fan of the shimmery effect, plus it seemed to rub off on everything.

As for Hoola, problem solved! The matte finish is beautiful, natural, and long lasting. Amazing how something so simple can have such a positive effect on my overall look and confidence. This product is a grand slam. This is a subtle and natural bronzer that can be built up as you like Easily achievable sun kissed look in moments. Love that this bronzer is light yet buildable.

I am fair skinned naturally and it doesnt make me look overdone; just a light sun-kissed glow. It also works when I have a tan as I can build it up to a deeper shade. Seems like there isn't very much in the pot but a little goes a long way so should last a while. I have a wide face with an small chin and a slight double chin, I also have no cheekbones. This bronzer is amazing for contour!

It can be adjusted for a dramatic kim kardashian contour, or can be toned down for a softer contour. The brush it comes with is great for buffing things out. I love the natural look to this product.

It's very matte, so it looks like a real tan. I do have to blend it quite a bit, but even then it looks great on my very light skin. I can't imagine anyone that this wouldn't look good on. It's nice that it comes with a brush as well.

I don't usually use it, but a nice touch for travel! The matt natural colour of this is perfect for me. I have oily skin, and shimmer always seem to make it looks worse.

The brush which comes with it, is excellent for contouring. I have had this so far for 1 year and looks like there is tons left. He left me for a whole day and it seemed perfectly natural:.

It is a beautiful matte tan color that looks really natural on skin and is buildable so you can get as much or as little color as you want. The powder goes on very smoothly and, as always for Benefit, the packaging is adorable. It really does make you look like you got a pretty tan, such a flattering look. I definitely recommend this product to any girl who loves Benefit!

I have oily skin and hate using anything shimmery anywhere on my face except my eyes. I was using just a cheap bronzer before that had a bit of shimmer to it and after watching a couple reviews on youtube, I was absolutely sold on this product. It is great to use for a little color but awesome if you are looking for a heavier look too.

It is completely matte so I never have to worry about it adding to my shiny, oily face through out the day. I also LOVE this as an eye shadow. I use a light shimmering base and then work this product into the crease and it is the perfect natural look.

Will be buying this product for yearrssss to come! I have fairly light-medium skin tone and LOVE this product! I don't use it all over but rather as a contouring tool! Right below my cheek bones then towards my temples, and finish off with a line of Watt's Up above it! Sometimes I'll even add high beam for an extra lit-up finish I love it because even with an medium ivory skin tone I can still give my face that "glow" everyone always speaks of! Sadly, I only have the deluxe samples of all of these products.

Plus, a little goes a longgg ways Hands down the best bronzer I've ever tried for looking like a natural glow, a natural contour, and a natural tan. Absolutely love it, and very pleased! I find it really difficult to get a bronzer I like because most have some shimmer or sparkle in them.. But I love Hoola because it's a great colour, not muddy like some bronzers, is completely matte and gives great colour to someone who is pale like me!

Overall is a must buy, have repurchased this 3 times. I LOVE this bronzer. I had never had a shimmer bronzer, but with my oily skin, I started to realize that matte may be the way to go. I absolutely love this bronzer for contouring and the color is perfect for my skin tone. However, I wouldn't say I'm particularly dark, and this color wouldn't work for someone with even a little bit more color than me.

I'm on my 3rd Hoola box and as you can tell, I love it! I've tried to switch to different colors and brands but I keep coming back to this one. I have medium colored skin and I tan pretty easily during the summer but you can use this year round. This is another Benefit product where a little goes a long way. I tend to use it all over my face and it is awesome for contouring. I usually don't use the brush that comes with the box but it's a nice little addition.

I am a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics because they provide some really quality products. I bought their liquid foundation but decided that I needed some pop to liven my face up.

I have a few blushes but I wanted to try bronzer. I have never used bronzer because I have extremely fair skin. I can't tan and even if I could, it wouldn't matter since I always use sunscreen. I decided to give this a try just to see what it would look like and it is stunning. The matte texture is perfect and I love that it's not shimmery either. A big plus for me is the brush inside, initially I thought I would toss it and use my powder brush but it actually applies the product perfectly.

What I love most about this product is that it creates a really natural sun kissed look on my very pale face. I will continue to buy this and I truly believe that I will never find a bronzer that beats this one. It is my best make-up purchase ever. To sum this product up - perfection in a box. I have light skin so bronzer is a must in my makeup regime, but it is hard for me to find a bronzer that is a. I have had endless compliments from friends and boys - boys do not really notice makeup, so when a guy goes 'hey, you look nice today', its a big deal.

So buy this product if you want a good quality matte bronzer ; you won't regret it, I promise. Bought this product due to great reviews and not overly excited. I think it could maybe be down to the random brush included who applys bronzer with a rectangular brush? It looks so natural! Because i have tan skin, I use this all around my face to make it glow and have even more color. I've been using the same box for over a year and I havent even hit pan! It is absolutely perfect.

I have no complaints about the product, except the brush Tried to use it a couple of times and ended up replacing it with my own applicator. I use Hoola to contour. It's matte so it doesn't make me look shiny or dirty, it's buildable so I can make it as light or as dark as I want with very little effort, and a little goes a long way.

This stuff lasts forever. It's very smooth and glides on like butter. I am very pale and this is the only product I've found that works without making me look overdone. I've used benefit products for a while, and I've always been apprehensive with bronzers. I'm VERY pale faced, and looking like a ghost with a pink flush isn't that appealing So a bronzer is a staple in my make up regime.

This bronzer is light weight, and matt! No shine, no shimmer. It's perfect for day and night. Not to mention that when you have your photo taken, it doesn't look like you're something out of the Twilight Saga.

Because it's lightweight, I can build it up to suit my skin tone, and not make me look orange! To sum it up, it borders perfect. Hoola can take a little practice if you aren't used to applying a powder in this way. A little sweep goes a LONG way, so make sure to tap off the excess as the tips explain. If you're still not getting the hang of it, check online for videos of how to apply it so you will be fully satisfied with the purchase.

Nothing is worse than REALLY wanting a product, and then being disappointed because you have no idea how to make it work for you. I've had this product for a few days and I love it! It makes my skin look like I've just been on Holliday, which is great!

Perfect for contorting, I wear it every day and I will defiantly purchase this again. I got this powder as a little mini version and im really happy with it so i am definitely going to buy the full size.

I like that it has no shimmer in it and is really great for contouring your face. I've tried many bronzers, both expensive and inexpensive, and this one is hands-down the best one for me!

A little goes a long way, and it's very natural-looking. I will never go back to anything else! Hoola is hands down my favorite bronzer of all time! It has a matte finish and it has build able coverage for any occasion. This is by far the best contouring product on the market. Easy to use, I love how natural it looks on my skin. I find it sits flawlessly on my skin all day when used with Porefessional.

I also use Hoola as an eyeshadow and blend it into the crease when I'm in a rush to get out of the door, so it has a dual purpose which I love. The packaging is very sturdy so its great to pop into your handbag if you need touch-ups. I live by this! I have purchased a lot of Benefit products recently, as I have wanted too find out myself what all the fuss is about, and since purchasing them I can see now, Hoola is absolutely perfect for contouring, or just even brushing over your face too give yourself a more sun kissed look!

Its completely matte which I like, and I have heard that it will last me a long time! Just bought this bronzer and already love it! This bronzer is one of my favs its perfect when you want that nice natural look. Dont buy something that will give you a organge line down your cheeck bones get Hoola.

I have been using Hoola for years now and have never strayed away from it. It's perfect in every way from the packaging to the result it creates. I have had many compliments when wearing it so will therefore continue to do so.

It's an ideal size especially when going on holiday. The only thing I don't use is the brush that comes with it as I prefer to use a bigger brush. This is the perfect bronzer! I have tried quite a few and this is by far my favourite! I have used this product for 2weeks and I love it! It's easy to blend with my foundation color. Maybe it's bit dark for light color skin. Mirror is useless and the case itself is inconvenience.

Its clear tray for brush keep sticking when I close the case. Hopefully benefit improve the poor packing. Perfect for contouring, i don't use it like bronzer because the colour is too cool, but i love it!

Perfect bronzer to give a healthy, natural looking glow to the skin. Adds colour to the face and can also be used for contouring. You also get plenty of use out of this product.

Got this for Christmas in a set off my mum Thankyou Mum! Perfect matte shade of brown. It is great bronzing and countouring.

I recomend hoola ten times over. I love the matte finish of hoola. I can get really oily, and extra shine just makes me look like a mess, so the matte finish is great. I'm super pale, but the color actually works really well with my skin tone. I can't use it as an all over brozer because it is so dark, but it's an amazing contour. I use it really lightly and blend down my neck a little bit and it's amazing. I've had trouble in the past with finding a good bronzer that actually works and I think I've found it!

It's not in the slightest bit shimmery, which I like and works works well with my skin. I love the fact that its matte and is really buildable so you can wear as much or as little as you like.

Definitely going to repurchase this product: Hoola is the best bronzer i've ever used! This is probably because I tend to use bronzers for contouring, and don't like them to be shimmery. It is a perfect colour, my skin is extremely pale and it still suits me as well as more tanned girls. I think this is my favourite product after my Benefit foundation: It's perfectly matte, and the color is buildable, so you can use as little or as much as you want, and it will suit any skin tone.

I like most that it's very natural looking, not orange in the slightest, and because it's so matte, there's no sign of any shimmer anywhere on my face. I use it on my temples and my cheekbones to contour, but i sometimes use it as a blusher on the apples of my cheeks. Also, even though it's quite pricey, it's definitely well worth the money. I bought mine a year and a half ago, and although i've hit pan, I still have loads of product left!

I'd recommend it to anyone, it really does suit any skin tone, so even people who have a fair complexion can still feel the benefits. I'll definitely be buying it again when i've run out! When I first tried this product, I was in love. It added lots of definition to my sadly flat and round face, while looking natural.

It also doesn't have the cheap looking sparkle in it that many bronzers do. However, it started to irritate my super sensitive skin, but I gave it to my friend who loves it. So as long as your skin isn't hyper sensitive, it's an amazing buy that really works! I bought this when I need a bronzer. It's more for women who have darker skin.

I have a medium tone and it wasn't perfect for me. My older sister who has darker skin than me actually ended up stealing it from me and it made me so sad! But it worked out better for her, but she owes me!! I have really fair skin and hoola is the best bronzer i've tried: It gives you a really healthy colour all year round however the matte finish means it doesn't look like you're wearing any bronzer at all, which also makes it perfect for contouring. Also it lasts for ages so is excellent value in the long run.

This bronzer is perfect for my pale face. I use it almost everyday. It's so natural because of the matte finish. I reccomend this product to anyone interested in makeup, amateur or pro. It's also very long lasting! It usually will last longer than my 40 dollar foundation! I have used Hoola year-round for about 6 years now. I use it to blend gray shadows on the lid for smoky eyes, and in the hollows of the cheeks for contouring.

In the summer months, it's a great all-over powder that has a beautiful natural matte finish. Good luck finding any other bronzer out there without shimmer and sparkle. That's what makes Hoola so incredibly versatile. For fair skin tones, or for a subtle bronzed look, use a fan brush As a bonus, one box used daily can last a year or more. Hoola is the only bronzer I'll touch when I need a natural look. Other bronzers often have sparkles in them which definitely spoil the illusion of reality when it comes to using a bronzer, but Hoola is totally matte - and totally beautiful!

I use this for contouring; I use it below my cheekbones to give my pleasantly round face a little illusion of higher, more defined cheekbones. It does go down pretty dark and intense, so you need to be ready to blend, blend, blend if you don't want dark streaks on your sweet cheeks! It can also work as just a bronzer to add a little kiss of sun look. The tone of brown is very realistic - it's not orange at all so you don't have to worry about looking like an Oompa Loompa.

Currently I am fairly light I'm wearing my "I've never seen sun before" winter skin! It's easy to be a little bronze or a LOT bronze with this product. Pair this with some metallic eyeshadow and a little Sunbeam and you'll look like you just stepped off of the beach!

I don't use this as a bronzer, i use one hot minute as it makes me look dewy and fresh but i use this in the hollows of my cheeks to create killer cheekbones, it really works and along with highbeam it could make you look like a supermodel. I also use this down the sides of my nose to make it look slimmer.

I know there have been complaints about the brush in hoola but i use it to apply product to hollow of the cheeks and then blend using a blusher brush. After years of buying cheap drugstore bronzing powders, I thought I would give Hoola a go It's a great matte bronzer which is excellent for contouring and giving colour without looking like an orange. I must admit at first when I went crazy with it and put a lot on I did kind of look dirty but I am leaving that down to the way i applied it myself, so be careful how much you use!

If your unsure then I would obviously start with a small amount then build up colour. What I also admire about this product is how long it lasts!

For me, a good way to apply this bronzer is in a 3 shape forehead, cheeks and then jaw line It really adds a nice warm and natural look to my skin. Overall it is a great product and I would definitely recommend it! I bought this Hoola back in May and even though I have hit pan: Plus I use this everyday!

This product is so good, I have to say the best bronzer I have ever bought and I will defiantly re-purchase it again! I love how it is build able so you can either get it very dark or even just a little bit tan and it does not make you look like a tangerine!

So you can use it in all of the seasons! Also it is so quick and easy to apply, I use the brush provided because i feel it picks up more of the product than say a MAC brush. I absolutely love this bronzer iv been looking for a matte bronzer for ages and finally found one that is amazing and worth the money.

I love countoring my face with this and you can also use it as an all over colour. Im quite pale and often find bronzers to be too dark on me. Hoola is buildable and so i can apply just enough to give me a sunkissed look and still look natural!

I have been using this bronzer for three years and I think it's absolutely fantastic and I would never change it! I use it as a blusher and I think it looks so subtle on the skin. I was worried when I first purchased it as I have a light skin tone but it isn't too dark, unless you want it to be and apply lots of layers.

It also lasts a long time, I can usually make mine last around eight months and I use it every day! It also stays on all day when my other makeup begins to fall off. Overall, great product that i would definitely recommend! I love my hoola bronzer it gives you the perfect bronzed look. I like how it comes in a box with a really soft brush, which is handy for those make up begginners where we diddn't know what brush does what!!

Over all I really like it and it is good for the money. I love this bronzer so much I just had to write a review to share with you girls. I have tried so manyy bronzers as I just love being tanned. This bronzer has a perfect yellow toned bronzed, so everyone out there can look super natural - no orangeness! It has buildable colour so one sweep will give you an ultra-natural golden tint, or you can layer more to achieve a super flawless bronze.

Love the fact it's matte. Having used other bronzers thought I would give this a go and I definitely wouldn't look back!

It lasts a long time and gives great coverage. I like to use it for a bit of colour during the day and on a night out I build up the colour for a darker look, love this. I always struggled to find a bronzer that didn't cake on over foundation and that didn't have sparkle in it TOTALLY makes your tan look fake.

It's smooth, and starts off sheer but you can build it up darker if you wish. Gorgeous packaging as well. I've tried so many bronzers and all of them had too much sheen and glitter which is a big no for me. When I first got this it looked so dark and I prepared for the worst.

But with a light hand, this worked like magic. It gave me the prettiest glow. I'm committed to Benefit's Hoola for a longgg time! I wear it every time I do male-up on the lower cheeks, under the chin and on the two sides of my nose to contour my face. It looks really natural. Except for the not nice smell, I love this product in general.

This bronzer is by far the best I have ever used. I am a Benefit addict and I love all their products, but this one in particular. I hate having a pink face and this bronzer transforms my face from pink to a natural looking tan very easily.

It looks even better with some That Gal primer, and Hello Flawless foundation underneath, but even the bronzer on its own looks natural and beautiful. So many people have raved about this product, so I decided to purchase it and give it a go. Fristly it comes in a large block, which is deceiving because you get a very thin palette of bronzer.

The brush that comes with it is completely unusable, as no one would apply bronzer with a brush that shape. So getting onto the bronzer itself. I was expecting something amazing, and maybe my expectations were too high, but this to me is just a very average medium matte bronzer.

It's no different from say the Bourjois chocolate box bronzer, except that has a very slight almost unoticable shimmer. I definately expect more product for my money! The product is nice, it's just not the be all and end all that everyone makes out. This bronzer was a bit intimidating when i first saw it because i'm sooo very pale. I have fair skin so I was a bit iffy when I got it in the mail and saw that it looked a bit dark. When I put it on, not at all too dark.

Doesn't even look like I have makeup on, it goes so well with my tan! I love that it's not skinny, love how it's matte. It's very natural looking too. Other than the tone issue for some darker skinned ladies, Hoola is amazing. It is totally matte, so if you blend it right it's invisible.

I use it for all my contouring, whether it be intense, going-out cheeks, or a casual summer glow to complement my tan. I concentrate it just under where my uppe jaw meets my lower, up by my ears- that slims my face perfectly. Hoola never cakes or looks powdery, and for a failsafe zero makeup look I use a facial mist over my powder. Totally a holy grail product! The best of its kind I use this everyday and have done for quite a few years now , I would never buy a different bronzer , it is perfect for everyday use as it is not shimmery!

The only thing I don't like is the little brush that comes with it as I don't think it applies very nice when using this but I just use my own large brush to sweep across my cheeks.

I have used many bronzers from estee lauder to givenchy and this has to be my favourite. It's subtle if you want it to be, and if you've got a bit of a tan, you add more. It doesn't look fake. I love the Hoola bronzer! It perfectly contours my face and is the most amazing color! Super silky to the touch, and easy to apply! I got the sample in the "Cabana Glama" kit, and I love it. The only thing I don't absolutely adore is the brush shape.

Other than that, you can't go wrong! It's not orange and it's matte! It applies on the face really easily. It's just a great product! I Absoulutly adore Benefit Hoola Bronzer, its super perfect for contouring and also for an all over glow, its great to just chuck in your beach bag, and for on the go, x. I love this product, I use it everyday without fail!

It gives me a natural tan look which I love! I was intimidated by this product at first as I am very fair skinned, but the woman doing my makeup at the benefit counter was a contouring queen and changed my make up routine forever! As dark as it looks in the pallet, correctly shaking off your powder brush will put just enough on your face to give you an effect without looking cakey. This product is NOT too dark for us fair skinned ladies!

I have a sun kissed look with the cheekbones I never thought I had! My favorite is to use the 3B technique with Hoola, follow up with some Hervana on my cheekbones, and just a little bit of highlight with Watt's Up. I am a more mature girl, and have been looking for years for a bronzer that doesn't shimmer, Hoola is perfect for me, absolutely love this product. Next step is to find a foundation from Benefit, I cannot rave enough about Hoola!!

If I was sent away and could only take one beauty product with me it would be my Hoola bronzer! I am super picky and I don't settle for products I am one to waste time and money looking for the best. Hoola is the best thing ever - love love love!!! I really love this shade.

I have fair skin and it works great on me as long as I don't go too heavy with the brush. I received a free sample of this when I made another purchase from Benefit and, while it was a big hard to get off the sample card, it still offered a great color payoff.

I quickly used that up and I'm going to be repurchasing it in the double box set with the blush - it's a better value that way. I haven't tried the Thrrrob but I'm looking forward to it, I'm hoping I love it too! I highly recommend this one! The best bronzer I have tried! I use this every day, through winter and summer.

I'm quite lazy when, in summer, it comes to getting a suntan. The idea of lying on the sand if I'm in a beach or on grass or any other surface if I'm in a swimming pool to get a suntan bores me to tears. Plus, I have a very fair complexion, some people have asked me whether I've been moonkissed instead of suntanned.

The more I get is a golden hue, and that, by only taking a walk during a very sunny daylight. I like Hoola because the colour isn't too dark, but it is very natural. I use it over playstick in Jax one of the very few that were left , to give some colour to my face.

Sometimes I use it as blush, with some Watt's Up as highlighter. You can even use it as an eyeshadow.

I never used bronzer before I bought hoola, and now I'm hooked. I'm not a fan of the brush, but other than that the product is great. Typically I use a little posietint on the apples of my cheecks and then contour and bronze up.

It is supposed to be a bronzer, i have applied some on my face. So, it totally doesn't for me! It can be used as an overall bronze look! Or you can use it as a contour!

Either, you'll look SO amazing! Use it all year round to look bronzed! Have that sun kissed tan all year round!

I have to say that Hoola is awesome It is the best!! I was dying to buy this one and I finally got it last weekend and I am in love. The color is perfect, it looks beautiful on me! It is the perfect bronzer. You have to have this one. It's matte, and super-pigmented, so a little goes a very long way. The included brush is perfect for contouring, too though a powder brush smooths out the line well.

I wear Ivory powder, and just a bit of Hoola is subtle enough to give me a good contour. I am WAY too pale to use this as a bronzer But I ain't opposed to a little contouring. I would NOT recommend this to anyone, even my worst enemy. Thank god I tried it on before. It was the worst bronzer ever.

It made my face greasy, brown and rubbed off my makeup. It caked everywhere and only lasted three hrs. I like to mix Bella Bamba with my Hoola, I first apply Bella Bamba to give my cheeks a nice rosey glow, then I sweep Hoola on top in order to give me a bit of a bronze affect too! I have always avoided bronzers because I have fair skin but hoola totally changed my mind, I sweep this all over for a lovely summer glow in n instant!

But I decided to give it a try anyway. Hoola was my second bronzer and I love it. I think it's the perfect bronzer to give the skin a healthy glow. I like that it's matte, it can double up as a contour too.

I just swipe this lightly on some areas on my face and voilà, I can see an instant difference. Nowadays, I never forget to put bronzer in my make up routine: I was a little unsure about using a brozer as I am so pale. But this is surprisingly natural looking on me. I think this may be because it is matte, and not too dark. I really love this product and would recommend it to anyone, and it also looks great with Coralista. I was never a fan of bronzers as I thought they always make me look fake or a bit WAG-like, or too shimmery ;- but not this one!!

It's perfect and beautifully matte! I dust a little with a blush brush not the one provided, gives too defined a line onto the hollows of my cheeks, on my cheek bones, and sometimes a little on the apple of my cheeks, and I look alive and fresh. I have fair skin, but it still looks great. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone! I absouetly love this, i was looking for a matte bronzer and this is perfect, the only few downsides about it is its from pigmented if thats the word?

CORALista goes very wel with this too i think: HOOLA also has a very sweet smell which i love! I'm pretty pale so I was skeptical that any bronzer would look natural, but I've been pleasantly surprised. It's matte which I think makes it look more natural. The only reason I wouldn't give it five stars is the brush it comes with seems to make the power appear too heavy and a bit streaky.

I've found that a rounded brush works better and allows for a lighter application which is helpful, especially in winter. I would definitely recommend it, especially to people who think they're too pale for bronzers because it looks very natural. I just went to buy a backup because I am almost out of my bronzer only to see that they reduced the amount of product from.

And the price is the same! Look Benefit, it's cute that you decided to change the packaging, but I didn't buy this bronzer because I need a mirror. The whole point about your blush boxes is that they are different and adorable. I would rather have more product than a mirror! It's too small anyway! If you're giving less product make it cheaper, it just isn't fair. This used to be my favorite.

Now it has "young" packaging and "mature" prices. If a product is doing well, there's a reason for it. I'll go back to drug store. First bronzer I've found that has no shimmer, and that is not too orange! I am very fair skinned, and have always had an issue with bronzers being way too orange on me.

Hoola is the perfect shade of golden brown and really contours the cheek bones. I will never use another bronzer again, Hoola is definitely the best! Also, it has the cutest little box packaging, and it comes with A LOT of product! I am a bronzer junkie and this is my absolute favorite bronzer. It is matte, looks natural and blends in flawlessly. Hoola gives my skin a warm glow without looking fake or orange. Its easy to wear during the day because it doesn't have any shimmer.

I wear it every day, usually with coralista or sugarbomb on top. The first time I used it I got a brown streak across my cheek, so go easy at first! I love the fact that it is matte because I hate looking like a a disco ball! Also, it looks completely natural! Won't make you look orange at all. A simply natural tan. I've been using it everyday for 4 months and I haven't made a dent!

I've been a devoted Hoola user for 12 years. Hoola is the perfect shade of naturally tan, without ever looking orangy or cakey. However, I am no longer going to be using this product at the fault of Benefit. The packaging of Hoola is a complete failure.

I've always been annoyed by the fact that it's in a square container, because you can never get all the way to the corners, and a ton of product goes to waste. In additon, the stupid little brush they include is a complete wasted of money and materials - I've never used that thing to apply the powder.

Benefit has reduced the amount of bronzer from. I noticed this after my beloved bronzer ran down to the tin after only a week and a half with the new box, and I looked at my old box and low and behold - I saw the new shady change.

After contacting Benefit customer service and getting the runaround, it's apparent that they don't give a toot about their customers, and I'll be finding a new bronzer as a result.

My 12 year streak has come to an end. Although I have olive skin, I'm pale. I use sunscreen daily so I don't get a tan in the summer. When I want the sun-kissed glow wearing a sundress, hanging out with friends and don't want to be ridiculed by my pastiness, I throw on some Hoola. It is a golden color and doesn't look fake.

This really is one of the best bronzers out there. I am very fair skinned, and i can wear it light so its not crazy looking, and i can use it on darker skins. I swear this stuff looks great on everyone. Love that its a matte no shimmer! It can even be used on men to give them a little color that's natural looking. Oh Hoola how i love thee! I have used this product for 8 years and it somehow even to this day still surprises me with its perfectness.

I have never been able to find a more natural looking tan from a powder bronzer. In highschool my friend and i were known to walk into the bathroom looking winter white and stepping out looking perfectly sun kissed. And it was all thanks to hoola!


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